Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Top 100 games of all time: part 9

20 places left, who will fill them? Will they be games you love? Games you hate? Will you even care? Meh, lets carry on regardless.

20 - Carmageddon (PC - SCi)

The original Death Race, pull off Cunning Stunts, do Nice Shots, Sir, make Piledriver Bonuses and find that Electrobastard Ray as you squash, ram, shunt, and push rival racers over cliffs and run pedestrians into the ground, all in the name of points. Petrol-fueled fun.

19 - Fallout 3 (PC/PS3/360 - Bethesda)

Post Apocalyptic action ahoy as you play a vault dweller who searches for his Pa in the wastelands of a barren wasteland of Washington D.C. Level up, face off against mutants, find stuff and save the world. A game you can literally sink hours into.

18 - Alcatraz (Amiga/ST/PC - Infogrames)

I personally champion this game, as I feel it's often overlooked. Amazing to look at, and to play, it mixes side scrolling action, with first person interior levels. An amazing experience.

17 - Lemmings (Various - Psygnosis)

Make 'em dig, make 'em build, make 'em block, make 'em pop! Guide the suicidal rodents to their home in 100 levels of puzzle goodness. Plus, it has tunes you can tap your feet to.

16 - Tenchu Stealth Assassins (PSX - Activision)

Be a ninja, and take down your enemies quickly and quietly in this 3D action adventure. Good looking, and although it's a hard game to master, the rewards are worth it.

15 - Layer Section (SAT - Taito)

More vertical scrolling action, this time fending off an invasion of Earth. Lock on to your enemies, and unleash a barrage of laser fire at them. One of the best imports for Sega's 32-bit powerhouse.

14 - Shenmue (DC - Sega)

Years in the making, it started off as a game for the Saturn, but development moved to Sega's new baby, and the extra power really shows. It's an absolutely beautiful game. Add to that an Arcade that has arcade perfect versions of Space Harrier and Hang On in it, and you've a game that'll last you ages.

13 - Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PC/PS2 - Rockstar)

The 80's. The quintessential decade. Big shoulder pads, synth-pop and classic telly. All lovingly recreated here, with a cohesive story, and excellent voice acting, GTA: VC is the ultimate GTA game.

12 - GoldenEye 007 (N64 - Rare)

The FPS that changed everything. Lots of missions, loads to unlock, the multiplayer that changed the way we play together and a stomping soundtrack, GoldenEye is the ultimate Bond game, that still plays well even today.

11 - Silent Hill 2 (PS2/PC - Konami)

A contender to Resident Evil's crown, it ups the tension, has buckets of atmosphere, and will give you more trouser brownage than a dose of the runs. The ultimate in survival horror.

We're one step away from that top spot. But, I might make you wait a bit longer to find out what the top game of all time will be (it's such a secret, not even I know what it is).

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