Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Top 100 games of all time: part 8

The Top 100: A young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, in a world of games who have no imagination. 30 to 21.

30 - Syndicate (Various - Bullfrog)

Take control of a huge mega corporation, and send out 4 top agents to do various mission, like assassinate, capture, 'persuade', and extract, all in gorgeous isometric-vision. Mega violence abound in this cult classic.

29 - Uncharted (PS3 - Naughty Dog)

Playing as a sort of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider rip off, it is actually a bloody good game, with lots to see and hidden treasures to find, whilst stopping a generic bad guy from making off with the loot, and solving various puzzles. Top draw stuff.

28 - Burai Fighter (NES - Taxan)

8 way shooting ahoy, as you float through 8 bases of Burai and decimate anything in your path. A good rip off of Capcom's Forgotten Worlds, which is actually a tough cookie to beat.

27 - Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Various - Gremlin Graphics)

Monty's final outing on the 8-bit home computers, sees our Moley one collecting money around Europe, so he can buy his own little Greek island called Montos. It also contains many references to various characters, like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, the radio station Radio Luxembourg and two room called Bjorn and Borg.

26 - Outlaws (PC - Lucasarts)

A first person western game, you play an ex-sherriff, who has to rescue his kidnapped daughter, and avenge his wife's murder. Running on a modified Dark Forces engine, it's a tense affair, with shoot outs in towns, a coal mine, a ranch, a moving train and a set of caves. Recommended for shooter fans and western fans also.

25 - Star Trek 25th Anniversary (PC/Amiga - Interplay)

It's worse than that, he's dead, Jim! One of the best Star Trek games around, the point 'n' click genre was made for it's sci-fi setting. Solve puzzles, shoot pesky Klingons, have a space battle or two, and be home in time for tea and crumpets. Plus, the CD version has the cast of the original series lend their voices. Which is nice.

24 - Steel Harbinger (PSX - Mindscape)

An early PSX release, it's also rather good. Some times the clunky controls do hamper progress a bit, but get past that, and you can still have some fun, shooting evil aliens, saving people, and eating body parts for health (that's right. Body parts for health. Hey! I didn't think it up!)

23 - Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (Gamecube - Silicon Knights)

A rather creepy 3rd person adventure, it utilizes a unique system where, the more health you lose, the more your grip on reality slips. There's even a bit where your telly's volume goes wonky. An experience you won't forget.

22 - OutRun (Various - Sega)

Three words: Magical. Sound. Shower.

21 - Ikari Warriors (Various - SNK/Elite)

A vertical scrolling blast-em-up, Ikari Warriors doesn't skimp on the references to the popular action movies of the decade, like Rambo (being the major one), and others. Blow up shacks, shoot people, blow up tanks. Just another day in the office.

Can you smell it? The top 10 is just around the corner. Will you be ready for it? (I won't, and I'm writing the thing.)


  1. Monty was always too tough for me!

  2. Steel Harbinger? Never heard of it but you make it sound amazing - I'll be looking for that one!