Friday, 4 May 2012

Top 100 games of all time: part 1

After seeing Playfire's woeful (and depressing) top 100 list, I thought I'd do my own top 100. Here's the first part, numbers 100 to 91.

100 - Asterix (SNES - Infogrames)

A platform biff-em-up, Asterix is damned good fun, with some great graphics, and some great music. It plays well, and it's got that one more go factor about it. Insanely addictive, a game you want to see through to the very end (if you get that far!)

99 - Trials HD (XBLA)

Based on the internet flash game, it's all about the physics. Lean back, lean forward, and hit the gas. Oh, and flip forward and brake your neck!! Get fast times and bask in glory.

98 - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1, XBLA, PSN - Konami)

The definitive Castlevania game. Mixing Metroid with the Castlevania series gave the game a boost of fresh blood (pun intended), and is a cracking game. Insane boss battles, two huge castles to explore, and lots of things to pick up and use.

97 - Magicland Dizzy (Spectrum, Amstrad, C64 - Codemasters)

It wouldn't be a top 100 list without the appearence of the eggy one. Tougher than Fantasy Land Dizzy, but it still plays brilliantly, just like it's predecessor.

96 - Super Mario 64 (N64 - Nintendo)

Mario's first foray into 3D is a deep experience and, in my experience, is probably the best example of a Mario game on the older consoles. So much to do, so much to find. It's only just about bettered by the Super Mario Galaxy series.

95 - I, Ball (Spectrum, Amstrad, C64 - Firebird)

Good looking, but needing reflexes like Darth Vader, I, Ball is just pure arcade goodness. Plus, who can forget the digitised speech?

94 - Evil Dead Regeneration (PS2, XBOX - THQ)

Serving as a 'What If...' alternative to the trilogy (what if Ash didn't get sucked into the portal in Evil Dead II), it's as funny as the movies, with a sidekick, voiced by Sam Raimi's brother Ted, you can kick up the arse. Who doesn't want that????

93 - Blitz (VIC20 - Unknown)

Simple in graphics, but has a lot in gameplay. You basically have to bomb cities in your bomber. Stupidly addictive, and stupidly fun to boot.

92 - Metal Gear Solid (PS1 - Konami)

Snake's first outing in 3D is a stunning first chapter, and is just as immersive as ever. Plus, multiple playthroughs gave various rewards (playing the game in a tuxedo James Bond style is always a winner!), and is worth every single minute.

91 - Star Wars Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader (Gamecube - Factor 5)

To end this segment, and in keeping with the Gamecube's 10th anniversary, it's fitting to end with probably one of the best Star Wars game on the machine. Lots of craft, lots of missions, and that final mission destroying the Death Star II is a winning mix that hasn't been bettered. Buy a Gamecube just because of this game.


  1. I haven't even heard of a oouple of these! :| Rogue Leader is great though, even if I do suck at it! That bloody Hoth stage is well 'ard! Dizzy is immensely awesome too - any more of his games to come in your list? :)

  2. Oh, yes. Many more, and probably some surprises as well. Part 5 will be up at some point today.