Saturday, 5 May 2012

Top 100 Games of all time: Part 3

Thundering on through GamingLand like an out of control freight train, the top 100 pulls up at station 80 to 71.

80 - Rod Land (Amiga/ST/ARC - Sales Curve)

Playing as a cute little fairy wasn't what I had in mind when I loaded this game up for the first time, but it's just so damned addictive, and it's still a gorgeous game after all this time. A game that didn't rely on you firing anything at anyone, but instead picking them up with your wand and bashing them.

79 - Double Dragon (Various - Technos/Data East)

Your mission is to rescue your missus who's been kidnapped by a guy called Big Willy (!?!), beating the crap out of any thugs who get in your way,with not only your hands and feet, but any weapons you can find. It has been bettered since it's release, but it's still fun in it's own right.

78 - Lethal Weapon (Various - Ocean)

Based upon the first three movies in the series (and taking liberties with them), it played as a platform shooter, with you controlling either a short, stumpy Riggs, or a short, stumpy Murtaugh, shooting bad guy scum, collecting evidence (in the form of magnifying glasses) and extra ammo, as you happily blast away anything that might be shooting back at you. Great to look at, and great to play.

77 - Rescue on Fractalus (SPEC/C64/AMS - Lucasfilm Games)

Introducing Fractals instead of standard pixels for graphics, RoF was a typical cockpit-based space shooter, but with a twist: you had to rescue miners from the planet by landing, lowering shields and opening the airlock to let them in. There is the added danger of the enemy aliens trying to get in as well, and causing the ship the crash. Worth £2 of anyone's money.

76 - Virocop (Amiga - Graftgold)

A sequel to the Spectrum's Quazetron and Magnetron, you play D.A.V.E, who's job is to go through a computer system, and destroy viruses with a range of weapons. Easy to play, but hard to master, a quirky little game thats got a charm all it's own.

75 - Thunder Force IV (MD - Technosoft)

Another side scrolling shooter, but with a changable weapon system, variable speed and the ability to select which order to play the game in. Great looking and sounding, It's probably one of the best shooters you will ever play.

74 - Super Mario World (SNES - Nintendo)

Mario's first foray in 16 bits, it's got quite a lot in it to do, with a map to select what level to play and secret areas, and with that urban legend of the an extra level, it's one of the SNES's best games, along with Axelay, Sunset Riders and International Superstar Soccer.

73 - The House of the Dead (ARC/SS - Sega)

An on rails light gun shooter, you can take various routes to get to you goal at the end of the levels. Violent, full of zombies and gruesome end of level bosses, HotD is the definitive light gun game. Although it does have some iffy voice acting, but like Resident Evil, it just adds to the charm.

72 - Mega Man 2 (GB - Capcom)

One word: tough. Very tough (ok, two words). A flick and scrolling screen shooter/adventure, it spawned up to 10 games that are still being released on current hardware. A good game, but with a tough level of difficulty.

71 - Star Wars (NES/GG/SMS/GB - JVC/Capcom)

Playing a bit like The Adventure of Link, the game follows the plot of the movie, and also takes some liberties as well. Plus, you get to pilot the Millenium Falcon AND an X-Wing. So, that makes it a winner surely.

Next Time: part 4 - 70 to 61


  1. Some great choices here, sir! Rod-Land is a recent discovery of mine which is superb and I've loved Virocop for many years now - tough game though!

  2. I remember getting Rod Land through the post, and I loved it the second I started playing. A coin op conversion thats closer to the arcade version than I've ever seen.