Sunday, 6 May 2012

Top 100 games of all time: part 6

If it loads, we can play it. Join me once more, as we count down from 50 to 41 in this top 100.

50 - Moonshine Racers (A500 - Millenium/Peak Star)

Coming across as a bit like Cannonball Run and Smokey & The Bandit, Moonshine Racers see you trying to deliver illegal hooch to old man Tucker, whilst trying to avoid the local rozzers. Trouble is, so's  load of other people, doing the exact same thing! Can you make it first? It's a good racer, with some good graphics, and the choice of music over sound is a godsend. The sound grates after a while, but a good solid racer. Try it.

49 - Anno 1503 (PCCD - Max Design)

Set sail to new islands, colonize them, and do trade, or go to war, with your neighbors. A game with so many layers, it's  nice, well rounded game. What I'd call a nice little stress reliever, as you can take your time over everything.

48 - Carmageddon II (PCCD - SCi)

More pedestrian-splattering shenanigans in this full 3d sequel to the awesome original. More cars, more power-ups, between race missions, and flying limbs, it's a good follow up, but the time limits on the missions can be unfair at times, but the races are still as fun as ever.

47 - Aliens UK (Various - Electric Dreams)

A sort of first person shooter (you control a cursor), you have to make it to the alien queens lair, kick seven bells out of her, find Newt, and make it back. A tough game to beat, and there's also the chance you can get lost. But, it's still worth experiencing.

46 - Resident Evil 2 (Various - Capcom)

The second entry for the zombie series is also a second entry in this top 100, mainly because it took everything about the original, and cracked it up to 11. Tyrants, lickers, more zombies, a much bigger playing area and multiple endings means this is one game you won't finish in a hurry.

45 - Zero Wing (MD/ARC - Toaplan)

It's getting a special mention just because of THAT ballsed up translation. Mind you, it is also a spiffing little game in it's own right.

44 - Bally II (A500 - Ultimate Computer Arts)

A Qix clone in the best sense, it's actually very addictive, even though it has very simple graphics, simple gameplay, and loads of charm.

43 - The Secret of Monkey Island (Various - Lucasarts)

Buckets of humor, insult sword fighting, good graphics, logical puzzles, and the ability to use a giant cotton bud on the ear of a giant monkey statue. One of the best point 'n' click adventures ever made. Whats more to say on the matter?

42 - Zool (Various - Gremlin Graphics)

A platformer that rivals Sonic's speed, Zool meshed together a load of good ideas, and wrapped it up in a blood fast, and good, platform game.

41 - James Pond: Robocod (Various - Millenium)

Cross a fish, with James Bond, then cross it with Robocop (minus the gun and helmet, and add the ability to stretch to great heights), and you've got Robocod. Your mission is to save Santa, and a truck load of penguins, at Santa's Workshop at the North Pole, after it fell into the hands of Dr. Maybe. Highly recommended.

Up next: getting closer to the top ten, with number 40 to 31. Can Batman evade the Joker? Will Bond escape? (I don't have the foggiest, and I've no idea what it's got to do with this at all!!!)

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