Monday, 7 May 2012

Top 100 games of all time: part 7

Hunted by gamers, they survive as soldiers of fortune, being used in your home consoles and computer. If  can find them, maybe you could play:
The Top 100 40 to 31.

40 - Robocop (Various - Data East/Ocean)

The movie was great. The game was hard as nails. That didn't stop it from being in the charts for what seemed like 100 years. Just one of the best uses for a movie license, and it was addictive, if stupidly hard. Still, it sold well, it played well, so it deserves it's position in this list.

39 - The Empire Strikes Back (ARC/Various - Atari/Domark)

Released as a conversion kit for the original Star Wars cabinet, it featured the Battle of Hoth (spread over two battles), and the Millenium Falcon being chased through the Asteroid field. It might be short, but the ever increasing difficulty upon its completion means it be played for a while, but it will get repetitive. Still, it's enjoyable while it lasts.

38 - Bill & Ted's Excellent GameBoy Adventure (GB - Beam Software)

Playing much like A&F's Chuckie Egg, you have to collect orbs that have been scattered around the levels and enter the portal to the next. Highly addictive, and boasting some great graphics, it's a must play for Bill & Ted and puzzle fans everywhere.

37 - Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose (SNES - Konami)

Based on the cartoon of the same name, it's a very competent little game, with various mini games between levels, and the levels themselves take on themes of movies (like Westerns and Sci-Fi).

36 - The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The Space Mutants (Various - Acclaim)

The first Simpsons video game is also the best, with you playing as Bart, and trying to stop an alien invasion. Small, but excellent graphics, and a rather jaunty little rendition of the theme song all add up to a cracking game. Also, the intro sequence on the A500 version is something to behold.

35 - Command & Conquer (PC/PSX/N64/SAT - Westwood)

Build bases, command troops, obliterate the enemy. The perfect RTS series, whatever platform you play it on. A game you can lose hours in.

34 - Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast - Sega)

Mixing 3rd person platform elements with exploration, Sonic Adventure was THE reason to own a DC. It kept you hooked until the end, and would be the last, great Sonic game, until Generations last year. A true gem, and infinitely better than the follow up.

33 - Rambo First Blood Part II (Spec/Ams/C64 - Ocean)

Find your weapons, kill loads of enemy troops, enter the compound, and free the POWs. It's a shame I could never get it to work on the later +2A model Speccy. Still, there's the remake, which is very faithful. Play it. Play it now!

32 - Thunderblade (ARC - Sega)

Similar to Afterburner, you control an Apache helicopter, blowing the crap out of anything and everything you come across. Just make sure to find a hydrolic cabinet version, as it rocks all over the shop like a drunk on a dance floor, and its quite brilliant!

31 - Axelay (SNES - Konami)

First, its a vertical scroller. Then, it flips it on it's head, and turns into a side scroller. Some neat graphical effects, tight controls, and awesome music combine to make this a great shooter.

30 to 21 after the break, and we're getting closer to that elusive top spot, with the pimple just below.

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