Saturday, 5 May 2012

Top 100 games of all time: part 2

So, we've had part one, and a diverse range of games. Now, here's 90 to 81. Bring it.

90 -  Resident Evil (PC/PS1/SAT - Capcom)
You'll need more than that, mate!

Zombies. Guns. Brains. Oh, and a big f**k off snake. Capcom's magnum opus is a tense survival horror that is on par with Silent Hill for chills and thrills. Oh, and don't forget the giant spiders, too. Nasty buggers they are. They have beards and everything. Also released in a Directors Cut flavor for added goodness.

89 - Silpheed (MCD/PC - Game Arts)
Bang! Zap! Pow! Pop!

A breakthrough title for the Mega CD, and one of the first released for the system, it showed promise, but was somewhat restricted to just moving and firing, with no control of the direction. Don't let that put you off, for underneath, is a fantastic game with it's own charm. "Tally ho, look at the size of that thing!", and all that.

88 - Sonic The Hedgehog (MD/GG/SMS - Sega)
Oh, Bugger!

Nintendo had Mario. Sega came up with Sonic. A blistering sense of speed, insane platform action, and boss battles that get bigger as it goes on. Don't forget tight level design, and a water level that gives you aquaphobia, and you've got one of the Mega Drive's finest hours.

87 - Comix Zone (MD - Sega Technical Institute)
This is gonna hurt!

It might be a scrolling beat-em-up, but it brought something new and fresh to a tired genre: a comic book setting, with destructable panels, and a hand that draws in and erases your enemies. Good fun, but gets unfairly hard quickly. Perservere with it, and you'll be rewarded with an experience to remember.

86 - Terminator 2 The Arcade Game (Arc/Various - Midway)
They might run like idiots, but they're tough buggers.

In the vein of Operation Wolf, you control the gunsight of the good Arnie terminator, and blast away at anything and everything in the name of points and massive damage. A good use of the license, but does get a bit boring after a while. Fun while it lasts, though, and you can shoot the T1000 into a load of liquid metal at the end, suo I suppose it should be worth completing just for that.

85 - Sensible Soccer (Various - Sensible Software)
You won't see this on Match of the Day!

The natural evolution of ANCO's Kick Off series, it took everything about Kick Off, and made it playable, fun, and great looking. It still gets played today, on the various systems at retro events, and even online through the Kaillera client on WinUAE. Online play? Oh, go on then.

84 - Tempest 2000 (JAG/SAT/PS1 - Atari)
A Minter classic.

Jeff Minter's follow up the original Tempest, is still one the best examples of what could have been for the doomed Jaguar console. Still as playable today, and a damned classic in it's own right. Whoever hasn't played this game hasn't lived.

83 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Various - Activision)
Looks awesome, doesn't it?

Better than Modern Warfare 3, this should have had a more conclusive ending. The best entry in the MW series, it had a great storyline, and an involving multiplayer. It's a shame they included the Tactical Insertion in multiplayer, as it tempted people to cheat. And cheat they did. Still, there was great satisfaction in just standing there, letting them use it, and then kill them as they spawn :D

82 - Half Life (PC - Sierra)
Use the crossbow. Less mess, less noise!

Another FPS, but this rewrote the book on the genre. Enjoyable, and highly moddable (They Hunger is an excellent total mod. Think Resident Evil in 1st person view mode, and you're half way there), the graphics are showing their age a bit, but it's enjoyable.

81 - Gynoug aka Wings of Wor (MD - Sega)
That's just...wrong. Very wrong.

A side scrolling shooter, it's graphics are both beautiful and disgusting at the same time. It's the only game where you play a bloke with wings who can fly, so it must be a winner (and, truth be told, it is in my book).

Next time: part 3


  1. I never got into Sensible Soccer, sometimes I wish I could :( And Resident Evil is very overrated in my opinion but I like some of your other picks - Silpheed is an oft-ignored gem :)

  2. Yeh good pick with Silpheed, don't take any notice of Si, he just scares easily ;-)