Thursday, 10 May 2012

Top 100 games of all time: The Final Insult (aka part 10)

Well, this is it. The final stretch. The final ten. The final frontier. Or..something like that.

10 - Monkey Island II (PC/Amiga - Lucasarts)

LeChuck returns, more evil, more badass, and more dead, in this follow up to the smash hit. Join Guybrush in his attempt to destroy LeChuck (again). More! Puzzles. More! Monkeys. More! Guybrush. The humor is just as sharp, and you can even nail Stan inside a used coffin.

9 - Final Fight (Various - Capcom/US Gold)

Pick your fighter, and take it to the streets in Capcom's seminal three way brawl. Large, chunky graphics, awesome synth music, and smooth controls mean it's the best brawler you'll ever play.

8 - H.E.R.O (Various - Activision)

The ultimate save-em-up, blow up walls to find people trapped in caverns, while avoiding nasties and dead end, and take them to the surface, and safety. A game you can lose yourself in.

7 - Streets of Rage II (MD/GG/SMS - Sega)

Sega's answer to Final Fight, it packed in more levels, better graphics, a stomping soundtrack, and digitized speech. Better than the original, and infinitely better than the cack handed 3rd outing (that got so chopped up storywise, it was indecipherable!).

6 - Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Various - Atari/Tengen)

With it's 50's B-movie setting, you control either Jake or Duke, and have to blast your way across Planet X, in order to rescue scientists and stop an impending invasion. A good sci-fi romp for anyone who likes blasting robot monsters.

5 - Football Champ (Arcade - Taito)

Pure arcade action, as you play for the cup. But, whats wrong with taking the other team down with a few dirty tackles or knees to the face, and even punching the ref in the back of the head?  The game that inspired Red Card, it's a game that'll bring out your inner Vinny Jones.

4 - Turrican (Amiga - Rainbow Arts)

What can't be said about Turrican that hasn't been said already? A work of art that still gives a staggering challenge, a platform shooter that to this day still hasn't been bettered, and probably won't be.

3 - The Simpsons Arcade (ARC - Konami)

Pick your Simpsons character, and race to save Maggie from Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers, who have stolen a diamond that Maggie picked up. It has the Simpsons charm, humour and the voices of the actual cast. A top arcade license.

2 - Braid (XBLA - Number None, Inc)

A platformer with a twist: you control time which helps to solve various puzzles to collect puzzle pieces, and save the princess. With beautiful music, gorgeous painted, living backgrounds and responsive controls, Braid is one huge game that will keep you enthralled for a long time, up until the twist ending.

We've been through 99 of the best games of all time. Some choices might seem controversial, but even with the worst looking game, a gem in gameplay hides beneath. So, without further ado, here it is: the Holy Grail. The Ark of the Covenant. The Sankara Stones. The best game ever. It is....

1 - Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Various - Bitmap Brothers)

Inspired by the 1970's movie Rollerball, take control of a struggling team of misfits, and lead them to glory in the most violent spectator sport known to man: Speedball. Converted to most of the home formats of the time, the game is known for it's immersive gameplay, the music, and the shouts of Ice Cream, Ice Cream!! Play it alone against the computer, and take on the various teams, all with increasing difficulty, while managing your team and trading in and out players, or take on a friend, and smash his team to oblivion. It was THE reason to own an A500.
Bitmap Brothers, we thank you.

Right, that's it, now bugger off!


  1. Thanks, Graeme. I tried to make it as diverse a list as possible, with games that everyone has played, and liked, at some point.