Thursday, 12 August 2010

Handheld Shenanigans: Chase HQ (Game Boy)

I know what you'te thinking: Oh, god, not ANOTHER Chase HQ game! Well, it is. And, it's great. There. Sorted. Next? More info? Oh...........alright then.
The game is the same as the other versions. You drive your Porsche 911 GTS and have to smash the crap out of the criminal's cars. You get 3 turbos.....blah, blah, blah........level splits.......blah, blah, blah.....until the time runs out. The game is the same across all the formats, so there's not much point covering old ground. So, onto the conversion.

Where's my pizza, dirt bag?
The game plays really well, and, I think, is perfectly suited to the Game Boy, with each button mapped for something. There is a choice of 2 control schemes, and I found scheme 2 to be the best all round, as it makes everything that bit more accessable. I will say, that the steering is a bit stiff, though. More than not, you'll find yourself hitting other cars willy nilly. The graphics are some of the best I've seen on the handheld. Everything is really detailed, right down the brakelights and the puffs of smoke coming from your turbos. Every single graphic is great. Musicwise, you do get a rendition of the theme on the title screen, and is well done. The music ingame is good, but it does grate after a while, as does the engine noise. the constant droning will drive you insane after a while. One thing it definitely does have in it's favour, is that it has all five levels from the arcade game. Yes, the routes are different to all the other versions, but so what?

Some of the best I've seen. And I've played the Spectrum version!!
I think this is definitely worth tracking down for a few quid, as it's one of the better arcade-GB converstions out there. It plays well, looks really great, and sounds as good as even the Spectrum conversion.

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  1. It's always really impressive to see how they cram these kind of games onto the original GameBoy. I find that this plays really nicely on the GBA SP, but the motion blur on my original GB makes the game a bit less enjoyable. I think I'd rather play this version than some of the console/micro conversions.