Saturday, 17 November 2012

Movie to game conversions you must play!

It has been well documented that games to movies don't bode well. In my eyes, they're awesome. Take DOOM. It didn't follow the games storyline (scientists open a portal to hell on the surface of Mars, and that's all she wrote!), but it was an enjoyable romp, with The Rock hamming it up like there's no tomorrow. Movie to games, however, didn't fair all that badly. There were some gems among the chuff, and here they are:

Batman The Movie (any format you can name - Ocean/Sunsoft)
Of course, the first Michael Keaton Batman flick is one of the best, and the game that came out was also one of the best. Where the MD version was your typical side scrolling brawler, the Speccy/Amiga/C64 version mixed the styles up, with multi scrolling, driving and puzzle all thrown into the mix, and what a good mix it was too. Both versions are worth a play.

Robocop (A500/ST/Spec/C64/464 - Ocean)
Another tie in that mixed styles, it also ramped up the difficulty to extraordinary levels, but retained the awesome graphics. This one included shooting gallery levels, as well as the obligatory puzzles and side scrolling ones.

Goldeneye 007 (N64 - Rare)
How can you have a list like this and NOT include this gem. Sniper rifles, mines, huge levels, the chance to drive a tank, lots of guns, the chance to drive a tank, blowing stuff up and firing lasers. Oh, and the chance to drive a tank (in case you missed it).

Star Wars (Arc - Atari)
Your chance to fly an X-Wing down the Death Stars trench and blow the f**ker up. It might have vector graphics, but they do their job, and it still plays great.

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