Monday, 3 October 2011

Crap Movie Corner: Robocop 3 (Orion, 1993)

Robocop was released in 1987 to much fanfare, and was gory, violent, and over the top funny (I'll buy that for a dollar! ahhhh ha ha ha!), and was a great film. About 3 years later, Robocop 2 was released. Again, violent, funny, and with as much action as the first, it wasn't as good as the first, but was a good film in it's own right. Fast forward three more years, and Orion, on the verge of bankruptcy, decided to release the third one. Only, it didn't go down as well as Orion did (they folded just before it was released). Pull out your Auto9, and lets buy that again for a dollar!
Introducing the new cast of The Waltons!

Detroit is crumbling. OCP, the corporation that has run the entire city for years, has been bought out by the Kanemtsu Corporation, and has green lit the demolition of Old Detroit, while trying to turf the people out of their homes in a forced relocation. Urban Rehabilitation (Rehabs) Squads have been drafted in to help with the relocation. Murphy (Robert John-Burke)  has been forced to participate, until a group of 'refugees' hide out in a church and Murphy's partner, Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen) is killed by the person in charge of the Rehabs, McDagget (John Castle). Deciding to defend the refugees, they are taken, via an underground tunnel to a secret base, where they have decided to fight back, Murphy fights against the Rehabs, and McDagget for the future of Old Detroit.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a turd of a movie!

Ok, lets start off with the positives. has the original Lewis in it. And, erm......Murphy can change his left arm to that of a multi-function gun, that consists of a rocket launcher, a flame thrower and a machine gun. What else........err.........nothing really. Now, lets see whats bad. Eveything. The acting, which is absolutely terrible (especially from John-Burke), the dialogue is complete crap, the storyline is bollocks (Robocop becoming rogue, and helping a group of refugees.) I can see why they'd take that direction, as he is supposed to be a law enforcer, but it was just handled completely wrong. Robocop with a jetpack? Oh, come on! The special effects are just.......urgh.....absolute crap. The stop motion animation isn't as good as the ones in Robocop 2, and you can see the wires used when Murphy is escaping from the OCP building with the woman and kid. I know that Orion were going down the pan faster than a turd, and it shows with the cutting corners, but they could have just sold the rights and they might have been saved, but instead they release this pile of shite. Stick with the first two instead, as there's much more fun to be had.


  1. Robocop 3 does have one big saving grace, though. Robert DoQui as Sergeant Reed. Without him, this movie would have been a TOTAL waste of time.

  2. I forgot about him. Played Sergeant Reed really well.

    "Sorry Sarge. Fucked up?"
    "Forget it, kid. This guys a serious asshole!"