Wednesday, 9 February 2011

And the list goes on... - 10 from the playlist

After chucking a load of music on my iPod and phone, I made up quite a lot of playlists. If I did a definitive playlist, here's 10 I would definitely include:

10: Kashmir - Led Zepplin
With it's awesome guitar riffs, Robert Plant's unique voice and sumptuious violin segments, Led Zepplin's Kashmir has a certain something you can just bung on, whack on some earphones, and just go with the flow.

9: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel
Often overlooked for Uptown Girl, It's Still Rock & Roll to Me and Piano Man, this is also an excellent song, with a few tales intertwined into one , 7 minute long journey, with its various characters and great lyrics.

8: Advertising Space - Robbie Williams
From his last good album (Rudebox was just shit, and Reality Killed the Video Star was ok at best), the song about Elvis is easily one of his best, and even has a mention about his daughter.

7: Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through - Meat Loaf
Any song sung by Meat Loaf is guaranteed to have powerful harmonies, a rousing rock guitar, and a choir. This has it in spades, and will definitely stir something.

6: Good Times, Bad Times - Led Zepplin
It might be another Led Zep track, but this song from Led Zepplin I is the first track, and gets the album off with a bang.

5: Falling In Love (Is So Hard on the Knees) - Aerosmith
Nine Lives showed that not every band can change with the times unsuccessfully. Being released in 1997, the whole album is pure magic, and this is one you can listing to again and again

4: Forget Him - Billy Fury
His swan song of sorts, this was released just after his death in 1983, and is sung with such conviction and tenderness, it goes to show he would have been a hit in the 80's as well, if Polio hadn't taken his life.

3: If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley
Sung at the end of the '68 Comeback Special, this is a rousing song that really makes you want to sing along to it, only without the white suit and a large ELVIS behind you.

2: Watching The Wildlife - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Taken from the album Liverpool, this is your traditional pop song, but done in a style only FGTH can pull off, and is bloody catchy to boot.

1: Blame It On The Love of Rock & Roll - Bon Jovi
If These Days was the dark album, Keep The Faith was the light album, and produced this awesome song. I Believe was a close contender, but this just pipped it, as its so sodding good.


  1. good list mate, think liverpool is an underrated album.

  2. It is. I've pre-ordered the re-release 2 disc version, but it's a bit of a jackanory with the release date, though.

  3. Some great songs there, nice one! :) I've never really seen what the fuss is about regarding FGTH though. The best thing to bear their name is the Speccy game :P