Sunday, 21 February 2010

Insert Coin: Four of the best.

Being a kid in the late 80's to early 90's, I managed to play some cracking games in the arcade. The graphics, the music and controls all made the game awesome. Nowadays, you can play the same games on your PC, thanks to MAME. Here's 4 to try:

4: Asterix - Konami

 I found this game in Southend in 1993, and it enthralled me ever since. You play as either Asterix or his best buddy, Obelix in a quest to save Panacea and push back the might of the Roman Empire, who have set up camps outside Asterix's village. To help you in your quest, Getafix sends some of his magic potion your way to help slap the Romans into the middle of next week. The graphics were of normal Konami standard and are excellent, and really drive the game along. The controls don't fight against you, making the game a chore, but rather help you along and there's quite a lot of the book's humour involed as well, making this a joy to play. There's also bonus levels, like a Chariot Race after the first level to get your teeth into. So, if you like Final Fight, you'll like this.

3: Knights of the Round - Capcom

I've only really sampled this by emulation, but its a great title that, funnily enough, I've never found in an arcade near me. Playing as one of Medieval England's heroes, like Sir Lancelot or King Arthur, you go around, like Final Fight also, hack and slashing with your sword taking down the evil guys who have taken over Camelot (no, not the Lottery comapny) and it's your job to take it back. You level up by giving as good as you get, which gives you XP and collecting money, as well. It looks good, it sounds good and played brilliantly. It might be the same as the last game (only with weapons), but its really enjoyable all the same.

2: Taito Football Champ - erm......Taito

Mentioned in my 5 Gaming Moments, Football Champ sees you pick a team, ranging from England to Japan and Brazil, and then a special player. Once you take to the field, you then pick a special move and then play a normal, family friendly game of Footy.....or so you'd think. You see, Redcard introduced the 'beat the other team to death' tactic to the Gamecube, XBOX and PS2, but Football Champ introduced it to the Arcade, and done with a lot of comedy. You see, not only can you knee the players, but you can also give the ref a good slapping as well. So, basically, you can knockout the ref and then go on a kicking spree which can send the opposing team flying all over the shop with flying knees, sliding tackles and the occasional punch as well, all while the ref is sparko on the floor. Its a great football game thats quite a challenge, and one that can give you a chuckle a well.

1: Gun:Smoke - Capcom

Hey, there, pardner! Grab your 6-shooter, and get to town. There's a gang takin' over! Yes, well, enough of that Wild West type talk. Supposedly based on the 60's US show, Gun:Smoke sees you as a sheriff trying to clean up the town of a gang. Viewed from a top-down perspective, you have the generic joystick and two buttons. But, one button shoots left and the other shoots right. Both pressed together shoots straight up. This control method takes a while, but once mastered, makes the game really enjoyable. Finally, your chance to play as a character from a John Wayne movie....only without either Dean Martin or Robert Mitchum as a sidekick, unfortunately.


  1. Yeah, it is a great game. Played it mostly on my NES, but only really sampled teh arcade version through MAME.